Riang Raya with Yipps Wanted x Empire Shopping Gallery



Let's give our winners a big round of applause. Check out if you're one of the lucky winners now!
Also, thanks all for joining “Riang Raya with Yipps Wanted x Empire Shopping Gallery“ mini video contest!


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    Tap the icon below,
    tap “Mini Video“ and
    start shooting a creative
    mini video of you at home.

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    为您的小视频写上 有趣标题,并标签 #RiangRayaESG #YouWinIWin #YippiMiniVideo

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1. Total prize pool is up to 6,600 Yipps – First prize 1,200 Yipps x 1; Second prize 700 Yipps x 1; Third prize 500 Yipps x 1, and Consolation prizes 300 Yipps × 3. Winners’ referrers will receive the similar prizes as the winners.
2. The prize Yipps will be credited into the winner’s Yippi account through “Tips Income”.
3. The contest is open to all Yippi users who have completed their identity verifications.
4. Originally-produced 60-second mini video must be posted under the following themes – Empire Shopping Gallery, Riang Raya Campaign, and Yipps Wanted Campaign. Top six videos with the highest number of views will be selected by the organizer as contest winners.
5. Participants must use Yellow Bean to post their videos on Yippi.
6. When posting the videos, participants must include the following hashtags – #RiangRayaESG #YouWinIWin #YippiMiniVideo.
7. The organizer reserves the right to change, amend, add or delete any of the Campaign’s Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to the Participants, and the Participants agree to be bound by such changes.
8. Content results will be announced on 3 June 2021.