Just be the top 100 highest Yipps Points collectors of the day to get prizes!

1. Spend at any Yipps Wanted Merchant Stores

2. Using Yipps Points to redeem bills, mobile top up, shop online, spend at selected merchant store in Yipps Wanted and Support for your favourite content creator.

At Last, check your progress bar and redeem your prizes in “My List”!
Remember! Stick it out till the very end to earn as many Yipps Points as possible in a day!

Daily Campaign Prizes
100 lucky winners will be chosen and win a set total share of 1000 Yipps Points

Missions to collect Yipps Points!

Want more? A quick way for you to grow more Points!

Refer & Earn

Invite more Friends to Spend and you earn not only 150 Yipps Points on “Refer & Earn”, but also 7% referral bonus on top of the Yipps Points your referee earned. The 7% referral bonus you earned is one of the way to boost your accumulated Yipps Points to win in the “Yipps Wanted Daily Prize Pool”contest.

All in all, these campaigns are an excellent opportunity to earn more Yipps Points – so don’t miss out any of it!

TERMS & CONDITIONS (Updated on 8 October 2021)

  1. “Yipps Wanted Daily Prize Pool” commences 15 August, until further notice.
  2. “Yipps Wanted Daily Prize Pool” is opened to all Yippi users who undergone identity verification, and received at least one Yipps point on record.
  3. All Yipps points collected via Yippi will be accounted for.
  4. The top 100 winners who receive the most Yipps Points rewards will respectively win 10 Yipps Points from the prize pool amounting to 1,000 Yipps daily.
  5. The daily prize will be updated at 11:59pm (GMT +8), and reset at 8:00am (GMT+8).
  6. Users can complete their tasks at their own time as no time limit is set.
  7. You need to share your completed task on social media, in order to claim and redeem your prize within 30 days or else it will be revoked.
  8. Yipps points will only be transferred to the “Yipps Balance” of the winner’s Yipps Points account, based on the following criteria:
    1. Referred persons download Yippi app using the winner’s referral link, and
    2. Winners successfully share their respective “Daily Winner Charts”
  9. Successful invites denote new users who used winner’s referral link to download Yippi, and completed identity verification.
  10. All entries are processed through a computerized system that determines Yippi users who accumulate the most Yipps points. Yippi’s decision is final, and no further correspondence or appeal will be entertained.
  11. Yippi reserves the right to withdraw the program and its rewards at any time without prior notice.
  12. In case of any fraudulent use of program, Yippi reserves the right to cancel “Yipps Wanted Daily Prize Pool” without prior notice
  13. Yippi reserves the right to change the amount of Yipps points awarded for “Yipps Wanted Daily Prize Pool” at any time without prior notice.
  14. Yippi may suspend or terminate “Yipps Wanted Daily Prize Pool”, or any user’s ability to participate in activities at any time, and for any reason at its sole discretion. Yipps Points obtained through fraudulent activities will be revoked and deemed invalid.
  15. Yippi reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Any modifications will take immediately effect once the terms and conditions are updated.
  16. For other inquiries, please send an email to Yippix@togltechnology.com.


1. What is “Yipps Wanted Daily Prize Pool” campaign in Yippi?

“Yipps Wanted Daily Prize Pool” campaign provides ALL Yippi users a chance to win Yipps Points in this campaign.

2. Why should you participate in “Yipps Wanted Daily Prize Pool” campaign?

You can get Yipps Points every week that can be used to offset your bills, shop online, exchange discount vouchers and enjoy other benefits in Yipps Wanted program!

3. What is Yipps Points?

Yipps Points are the virtual reward points in Yippi ecosystem which may be utilised including but not limited as follow: offset your utility bills; pay your PTPTN loan; top up and pay your mobile phone bills; redeem Yellow Bean to start live stream and post on hot Feed; send rewards & support the content creators that you loved; Redeem hotel booking with TogaGo; redeem Red Box Malaysia entertainment service; shop online in TopzMall; send Red Packet as a present, and donate your Yipps Points as rewards in charity events.

4. How do I participate in “Yipps Wanted Daily Prize Pool” campaign?

Simply complete identity verification in Yippi and receive at least one Yipps Rebate record then you are entitled for an entry.

5. Why do you need to complete identity verification in Yippi?

These procedures defined by banks involve all the necessary actions to make sure their customers are real, assess, and monitor risks. These processes help prevent and identify money laundering, terrorism financing, and other illegal corruption schemes. All we want to do is protect our users!

6. What are the benefits once you’ve completed identity verification in Yippi?

You can earn more CP and Yipps Points in Yippi.

7. How many prizes will I be entitled to win throughout the campaign?

Each winner is only entitled to get one prize per day. But you can win multiple times throughout the campaign period.

8. How do I find out if I am the winner?

You can check it out in Yippi as we will announce the winner list every day throughout the campaign period.

9. How will the winners be selected?

Winners will be selected using a computer system among all entries. And, the users who accumulate the highest Yipps Points will be the winners. Our decision is final. No correspondence will be entertained.

10. How do I cash out Yipps Points that I have earned?

Yipps Points is unable to cash out but can be used to offset your bills and enjoy various services in Yippi app.

11. Is there any expired date on the redemption?

Yes, claimers need to complete the redemption task given within ONE month. Otherwise, the prizes will be forfeit.

12.. What’s the value of Yipps Points in the market?

1 Yipps Points equals to RM0.60

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