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What is Yipps Points?

Yipps Points is a virtual rewards points in Yippi app that can be reduce your living expenses.

Yipps Points can be used to Top-Up mobile, pay utility bills, book Togago’s hotels, enjoy Rest n go massage chairs and Redbox entertainment and services. Yipps points also can be used to support your favourite content creator in Yippi, such as live streamers and sticker artists. Read more in FAQ.

Yipps Points Usage

Get more Yipps Points while pay your bills with Yipps in yippi app!

Utilities Bill

Pay Utility Bills for FREE anytime anywhere

Mobile Topup

Top-up your mobile credit for FREE every month

Service & Online Shopping

Enjoy Multiple services in Yippi, such as book hotels, purchase groceries online, enjoy Rest n Go massage chairs and even Redbox entertainment and services

Events & News

Where & How to Earn Yipps?

You can earn Yipps through various ways inside and outside Yippi app!

Refer & Earn

Everyone can earn up to 150 yipps by becoming referrer and earn 7% lifetime referrer bonus on top of their friend’s rebate

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Yipps Wanted Daily Prize Pool

The Highest Rebate receipient earning a share of 1000 Yipps everyday

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Spend in your daily expenses

Spend and get up to 50% FREE yipps with yipps wanted merchants

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All you want to know about Yipps Wanted

1. What is Yipps Wanted?

Yipps Wanted is a e-reward program allow users to obtain Yipps Points from their daily expenses

2. What is Yipps Points?

Yipps are the virtual reward points in Yippi ecosystem which may be utilised including but not limited as follow: offset your utility bills; pay your PTPTN loan; top up and pay your mobile phone bills; redeem Yellow Bean to start live stream and post on hot Feed; send rewards & support the content creator that you loved; Redeem hotel booking with TogaGo; redeem Red Box Malaysia entertainment service; shop online in TopzMall; send Yippi Eggs as a present, and donate your Yipps as rewards in charity events.

3. How to get Yipps Points?

Is very easy! Just simply show your unique QR code to Yipps Wanted merchant for scanning upon making payment to receive the Yipps points!

For online order, after payment simply screenshot your QR code and send to the respective merchants’ and they will proceed the scanning accordingly.

User unique QR code refreshes every 15 minutes

Step 1 – Tap on the “Y” button in Yippi social page to enter

Step 2 – Tap”My QR Code” to get your Yipps Points

4. How do I oder through Yipps Wanted Platform?

Step 1: Tap “Y” button in social page

Step 2: Tap “Free Yipps” to enter “Yipps Wanted” homepage

Step 3: Search for your favourite stores

Step 4: Online: Tap “Order Now” to make delivey oeder
Offline: Tap “Go to Direction” to take away / dine in

Step 5: Tap “QR Scan” / “My QR Code” to show merchants
Get Yipps Points instantly!

5. How do I view my Yipps transaction?

Click on the amount to view detailed info of your Yipps points

6. How do I transfer or receive Yipps points to my friends and family?

Simply click on your wallet, click on either the “Transfer” or “Request” button to perform transaction.

7. How do I sign up as Yipps Wanted Merchant?

You’ve made a great decision and thank you for having interest to register as Yipps Wanted merchant! Simply submit your info via the link below and our Yipps Wanted team will get in touch with you shortly!

Psst…is absolutely FREE to be registered as Yipps Wanted Merchant!!!



8. I would like to know more about Yippi/Yipps Wanted?

Awesome! Simply click on the link below to discover more about the upcoming super ecosystem app!


9. How Referrer get their 7% Referral Bonus?

Referrer will get 7% referral bonus from total Yipps Points received by Referee in Yipps Wanted Program.

10. What is the Yipps Value in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)?

1 Yipps x 0.6 = RM0.6

11. Calculation

12. Find out how we can help

If you need help, please do not hesitate to reach us through these official channels

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yippswanted/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yippswanted/

Email: yippiadis@togalimted.com

Whatsapp: +6018 220 5237