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凭着一首《沙漠骆驼》让他红遍大江南北的中国歌手展展即将再次来到Yippi,与您迎接2021春节的到来! 《沙漠遇上经典》全球独家Playz线上音乐会
时间:20:30 (GMT+8)


全球独家-贺岁女王驾到!农历新年绝对不能没有Crystal王雪晶!牛年大年初一,2021年要看就看最有农历新年气氛的线上演唱会!Heng、Ong、Huat啊!2月12日(大年初一)晚上8:30 (GMT+)正式引爆


1月23日 晚上8:30 (GMT+8 )爆红神曲《阿拉斯加海湾》原唱菲道尔即将莅临Yippi开播唱歌给你听啦!

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唐心疯爆 CrazyTang

The most talked-about internet show of the town ``CrazyTang`` is exclusively shown in Yippi App! Hosted by a very attractive and manly Wayne, together with Aki, stay tuned with them to dig out insider news from the guests!

菲常食客 Phoebe Rush Hour

The wait is almost over! A brand new entertaining cooking-themed show is premiering on Jan 17 onwards on Yippi. Join Phoebe with a group of celebrities challenging their cooking skills on the spot!

Chinese New Year Edition

Playz wish everyone stay safe, and happy Chinese New Year! Check out a variety of great original music videos from our creators!

Yippi Exclusive Online Concert

A compilation of great online concerts happening on Yippi! Check out all the well organised live music concerts done by artists, with lots and lots of special guests!

Star Quest 2020

This is a live steaming contest where you can show your charm and talents. No matter you are an online celebrity or an amateur, this is the stage you can show off what you got.