Fan Support System

Allows dedicated audiences to support the Content Creator that they loved. 😍

Fan Supporter

Fan Support System allows dedicated audiences to support the Content Creator that they love with monthly, recurring Yipps payments.

Supporters are rewarded with perks such as exclusive content, personal interactions and a supporter badge.

You can enjoy the following benefits

  • – Specially invited to join your supporting Content Creator’s Fan Group Chat;
  • – Enjoy Exclusive Group Live Streaming from Content Creator; and
  • – Entitle support badge on the name and it will display in Live Streaming chat, Online List, Feeds Comments and others where you interact with your supporting Content Creator.

I would like to support one of my favourite Content Creators, how do I support her?

  • – Not all Content Creator activated the support system, but you can visit her profile to see able to find the support button;
  • – If yes, you can proceed to select the desired amount to support her; and
  • – If not, the Content Creator didn’t meet the requirements to activate the support system yet. Go watch her live, like her feeds and reward her with gifts to help her achieve the activation requirements.

How do I check my Content Creator supporting list?

  • Go to Yippi Wallet and enter the Fan Support System, you shall find your supporting list accordingly.

How do I un-support if I no longer wish to continue?

  • Please note the Fan support benefits will be ended based on the last month support validity. You can un-support from the supporting list easily via the following:
    • – Go to your supporting list and you shall find un-support button; and
    • – Request leave the Content Creator Fan Group Chat, and it will prompt a confirmation.

What if I have insufficient Yipps for the month?

When reaching the validity and you have insufficient Yipps balance for the support, the support will be ceased immediately including the benefits as well.


We strongly recommend users top up sufficient yipps to support your beloved Content Creator. 

Do you able to refund any payment or tips Yippi Fan Support System?

No, we do not perform any refund if you are being removed/blocked by the Content Creator but we may refund only if we found out the Content Creator did not meet their monthly missions/requirements. All decisions will be at the Company ‘s sole discretion.

Content Creator

Turn your fans into supporters through a recurring monthly subscription and tailor the supporter experience in a way that’s authentic to your brand, style and community.

You can enjoy the following benefits

  • – Predictable earnings. A monthly subscription allows you to predict your monthly recurring earnings, helping you to plan ahead;
  • – Enjoy your discretion to kick out your fans/supporters;
  • – Entitle dedicated Fan Group Chat room with your supporters with Group Live Streaming;
  • – Know your interacting support with the support badge easily.

How to activate this support system?

  • Users must meet all conditions as below:-
    • – Account is verified;
    • – Minimum Level 2; and
    • – Minimum Star Rank 30,000 scores.
  • – Excluding Business account

How to check if I’m eligible for this support system activation?

Go to ME page and enter Support System page, you will be able to see your current status and the progress for the activation.

How is the Star Rank score calculated?

  • The score is calculated from unique views, likes, tips received, and other audience interaction together with our system algorithms. 
    • > New Follower 1 Point
    • > New Like 1 Point
    • > Unique Viewer 4 Points
    • > Tips Receive 1 Point
  • We encourage you to open more live streaming and post more contents frequently for your followers to increase your Star Rank Scores. 

What are the mission that I required to complete?

  • Kindly visit your support system screen to track your mission progress.
  • You must complete the mission(s) within the calendar month.

**For Live streaming mission, kindly end the live before end of the month. Else your live streaming time will be counted in next following month. We do not encourage last minutes mission completion, kindly complete your mission as early as possible. Thank you.

How do I receive payout from this support system?

  • Users need to complete the monthly required missions to receive payout.
    • – Please visit the Support System screen from Yippi Wallet to check your required monthly mission and progress.
    • – Important: If the user didn’t complete the monthly missions, the month’s support amount will refund back to their supporters automatically. 


  • Note: Payout will be processed to payout to users on the every 1st day of the month which is the same as Tips Income settlement process. Learn more