Yippi eShop

A new e commerce feature on Yippi with extensive and diverse of region in the South East Asia country.

Why us?

An end-to-end e-commerce platform solutions.

Yippi now have over 3 million user in 15 countries, and small business owners and brand managers, there’s a very good opportunity that you will be able to reach and connect with your target audience through Yippi

Reach High Potential Customers

With 3 million of user in Yippi and 500 thousand of daily active user per day.

Lower Marketing Expenses

An opportunity for small to medium businesses with limited marketing budget.

Specific Target Audience

With Yippi current user very high in South East Asia countries such as Malaysia,
Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Philippines etc.

Purchase with Yipps

Enjoy cashless in purchasing product/services with Yipps and get rebate.

Ready To Spend User

From 3 million Yippi users has credited total average of ($$$) Yipps in their account.

KOL Marketing

Yippi has collaborated with local and China popular influencers from Instababe, Candour, Fly9Media, (CHINA) etc. Hence, on top of their database, it will help business’s product and services to reach specific target audience within a short period of time.

let's get started with Yippi business account

Yippi business account is a opportunity for businesses use to promote your business, brand, or cause. It have number of features not available on Yippi normal user profiles including, advertising, e shop etc.

1.Download & Register Yippi

If you are new to our app, simply download Yippi from Google Play/App store and register for an Yippi user account.

2.Register for an Business Account

Business owner are required to select a package for Yippi business account. Then go to (link) and fill in your the required information.

3.Submit & Wait for Approval

Once the registration form submitted, it will take 5 7 working days to approve.

4.Enjoy Selling Online in Yippi

After your submission is approved, you can now start enjoy selling online in Yippi.


Verified personal Yippi account

Valid SSM certification

Registered official shop logo


Everything you need to grow your business.

Contact to our Business Development Team

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