''1 Rice 1 Live'' charity campaign

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''1 Rice 1 Live'' charity campaign

We did it! Our Yippi Care’s ''1 Rice 1 Live'' charity campaign successfully collected a total of RM100,000 (equivalent to 166,666.66 Yipps), and we did it in less than the targeted donation collection period, 1 June – 31 July 2021. A big thank you to all generous Yippi users and members of the public for participating in our CSR fundraising program.

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– Impactful –

– Contribute –

– Endeavor –

“Our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who contributed a portion of their Yipps through the '1 Rice 1 Live' mini program, which was available on Yippi during the campaign period. All donations will be channeled through our Malaysian charity partner, Xin Dai Welfare Association, to support the underprivileged community in Johor. We hope that our little act of kindness will be able to assist them as much as possible. More importantly, it is for a good cause and no matter where we are at in the world, we had come together to do something to alleviate their suffering, in line with the campaign’s tagline, R – Rescue I – Impactful C – Contribute E – Endeavor,” said TOGL Technology Chief Technology Officer, Mr Freddy Chia Kah See.

Donate Methods

Donation are done through tips received during livestream by artist, social media post and mini program. All tipping will turn into a donation and go to Xin Dai Welfare Association to help the underprivileged group in Johor.

Mini Program

First of all, you can give a tip as a donation at your fingertips through ”1 RICE, 1 LIVE” mini program.

Post Donation

You can also give a tip to the posting as a donation.

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Livestream Donation

Additionally, you can tip your favourite artists during livestream, the tipping will turn into a donation.

In conjunction with the ''1 Rice 1 Live'' campaign, Yippi coordinated seven live stream performances on Yippi for performers – Sharon Kuan (sharonkuan), Mi2 (yanice904), Jamie (jamie1025), Ivy Chen (ivychen2228), Ren Cheng Hao (wrzh1414), Adelynn Yang(adelynnayang), and Li Jian (lijian6688) – who accepted our special invitation to perform for charity. They were Sharon Kuan (sharonkuan), Mi2 (yanice904), Jamie (jamie1025), Ivy Chen (ivychen2228), Ren Cheng Hao (wrzh1414), Adelynn Yang(adelynnayang), and Li Jian (lijian6688). Through their shows, a total of RM57,328 (95,546 Yipps) was successfully raised.
We also livestreamed an online charity concert, ''One Person, One Rice'', which was organized by our charity partner, Xin Dai Welfare Association. The concert was hosted by Zhen Ru, and among the singers who performed were Xiao Weiwei, Amy Wang, Zeng Guo Hui, May Mow, Sean Sim. The concert successfully raised a total of RM13,950 (23,250 Yipps).
Other amounts that contributed towards the RM100,000 fund raised comprised RM4,839 (8,065 Yipps) raised through the ''1 Rice 1 Live'' post; RM20,441 (34,068 Yipps) through the mini program, and RM3,443 (5,737.66 Yipps) donated by TOGL Technology. The amount will be used for the purchase of food and clothing items, which will be gifted to those who are suffering from the pandemic, providing them a glimmer of hope.
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Thank you for your support

For user that donate via mini program or the specific post by tips and if you tip more that 100 Yipps, you will be rewarded a badge.

TOGL Technology initiated Yippi Care on 26 January 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak with the aim of undertaking CSR initiatives. To date, Yippi Care has successfully raised more than RM820,000 in cash and in kind. Once again, our heartfelt appreciation and sincere gratitude to our Yippi users and content providers. Thank you for your continuous support for Yippi Care. We look forward to seeing you in future CSR programs so we can thank you even more.

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